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Will You Buy A 4K (UHD) TV?

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I saw some 4k tvs over the weekend and was really struck by how much better the picture was than what I have at home. (5 year old sony and a blu ray.) I assume that all the tvs were showing 4k discs that aren't out yet and that the picture won't be as good with upscaled blu rays, which will probably be most of what I watch. I also assume that there won't be a ton of 4k content apart from netflix for a while. we don't have cable and I use an antenna to watch football, the rest if what we watch is probably 50/50 rented blu rays or streaming.


the salesman told me that samsung has the best picture, which seems right based on what's on the floor, and is confirmed by google, but I couldn't find reviews on cnet for the model I was looking at.


we can't go larger than 50 inches without rearranging the living room or blocking the windows, so I'm looking at a 40 inch samsung ju7100 for about 850 or maybe the 50 inch one for 1000.



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