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Mace, 649 E. 9th St., NYC

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Checked out Mace for a drink last night - as always, fine cocktails conceived under the eye of Nico de Soto, for sure. Lots of ingredients, many weird ones for cocktails but they go down easy, so be careful.


Gorgeous glassware and barware - not surprising, considering the relationship with Cocktail Kingdom (stay off this website unless you have willpower).

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I think stay away from Avenue C unless you have will power. In addition to Mace, four cocktail bars, a craft beer bar, a German beer hall, a wine bar, and a few dives in the five block strip from 6th to 11th.


Yes, Mace is just a step off the Avenue itself.

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Sounds a bit like an orgeat thing. Or, like this...


Fat Washed with Butter and Hay
Manhattan’s over-the-top holiday pop-up bar, Miracle on Ninth, serves eggnog flavored with butter and hay. The Jingle Ball Nog is made with eggs, cream, spices, almond milk and the key ingredient: hay-and-butter-fat-washed Cognac. By fat-washing the Cognac, bartender Nico de Soto rounds out the spirit so that everything melds into one creamy cocktail.


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