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  1. Brooklyn Fare (by a pretty wide margin, my favourite meal of the year)
  2. Abac
  3. Cellar Can Roca
  4. Bras
  5. The Ledbury (BYO New Years Eve dinner with Krug '98, Coche Dury Meursault '04, Solaia '04, Chateau Climens '82)
  6. Nathan Outlaw
  7. River Café (always good but one exceptional meal on terrace with sun shining, very rare wild salmon, spring lamb, a bottle of Quintarelli Valpolicella...)
  8. Tickets
  9. Trishna
  10. Pressed duck at Otto's

Good, a couple of cracking courses, but after 4 visits I still don't see what everyone else raves about: Hedone


Also overrated: Story, Marcus


Dependables: Sushi Tetsu, Bar Shu, Hawksmoor, Roka, Berners Tavern

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Brooklyn Fare (by a pretty wide margin, my favourite meal of the year) Abac Cellar Can Roca Bras The Ledbury (BYO New Years Eve dinner with Krug '98, Coche Dury Meursault '04, Solaia '04, Chateau

Sushi Iwa in Tokyo, Paste in Bangkok (soft opening of a second branch), Manresa, Chez Panisse and Saison in the Bay area, Abac and Via Veneto in Barcelona, Hedone, Ledbury and the Araki in London. I

Eater featured me very nicely in the best newcomers of 2014 review. Above Restaurant Girl!

No rankings, but not a huge travel year this year and a way down year for Toronto dining, but France next year and maybe another West Coast trip. In no particular order:


Luksus, Del Posto, Club Chasse et Peche, Joe Beef, two private meals at Nota Bene, Pied Bleue, Nora Gray and Bar Isabel as always.


Meals at Carbone, Edulis, Le Serpent, Hotel Herman, were close.

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Not ranking anything but I had meals at Blanca, Locanda Locatelli, St John, Torrisi Italian Specialties that were all very pleasant. Best breakfast in ages at Hawksmoor Guildhall as well.


Some good home cooking this year, too, including Stone's venison and charcuterie extravaganza, and a family lobster feast on Cape Cod.

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Hey there,just 1 fancy shmancy meal this year at Manresa,and it was memorable ...as was a lunch at Chez Panisse Cafe,and a fish dinner in Siracusa at a place whose name I can't recall. A few meals at LaVara in Brooklyn were the only local place that I consistently enjoyed last year in N.Y.,though I don't go out here much anymore. But the best were mostly home cooked...one Long meal made by my hosts in Palazzolo Acreide,Sicily was just pure delicious fun + food that I cooked there and there.Grilling,roasting,braising,shopping....cook at home ! Revive the lost art of Inviting people over !

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Ryan Sutton's top 13 new restaurants in New York, 2014:


1. Contra/Estela (tie)

2. Marta

3. Cherche Midi/Dirty French (tie)

4. Cosme

5. Ivan Ramen

6. Bar Bolonat

7. All'onda

8. Bar Primi

9. Batard

10. Aldo Sohm

11. Root & Bone


I can see how someone who loves Estela would also love Contra, and vice versa. Says a lot about his palate (I found both places quite good, but certainly not best-of-year level).


(Surely Estela opened last year. Yeah, June!)

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Ishikawa, Tokyo. Deserving of its top Michelin rating.


Matsukawa, Tokyo. A cult kaiseki restaurant very near the Hotel Okura and the American Embassy that won’t accept reservations unless you drop the right name or have been there before. Twice the price of Ishikawa, but no better than.


Komatsu Yasuke, restaurant of an 84-year-old legendary sushi chef in Kanazawa. Two lunches.


Nakashima. Three-star Kaiseki restaurant in Hiroshima.


Tenko Honten. Two-star tempura restaurant in Hiroshima.


Le Louis XV. Monaco


Bistrot de la Marine (Jacques Maximin). Cagnes-sur-Mer FR


Antica Corona Reale da Renzo. Cervere IT


Ciau dei Tornavento. Treiso IT


Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare. (This was the only sought-after restaurant I visited in NYC and the only one of such restaurants that I was curious to visit. No complaints. I would go back.)

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