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MFF Holiday Party at Louro, 1/4/15

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OK, I just asked Dave and he said that Sundays are generally best and beyond that he'll have to look at a calendar/check. I'm going to propose Jan 4, since many of you appear to be full up before that and numerous other Sundays are loosely attached to potential 4 day weekends.


Does that work for most of the folks with interest?


The discussion starts with the above post on the Louro thread.

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The discussion starts with the above post on the Louro thread.

That would be so contrary to the entire MFF ethos that I can't believe you would even say it.

Ginny & I are in for 7pm dinner. Thanks Jesikka for organizing this.   And, as Jesikka said, I'll talk to Dave about a group drinking and nibbling at the bar starting around 3:30 or 4pm as well

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