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MFF Holiday Party at Louro, 1/4/15

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The discussion starts with the above post on the Louro thread.

That would be so contrary to the entire MFF ethos that I can't believe you would even say it.

Ginny & I are in for 7pm dinner. Thanks Jesikka for organizing this.   And, as Jesikka said, I'll talk to Dave about a group drinking and nibbling at the bar starting around 3:30 or 4pm as well

I'm really baffled as to why we would ask Dave to have the restaurant open when he isn't and presumably someone bar tending when no one works. It's an operating restaurant, not one of our living rooms. I was not proposing that we hold a party at louro that creates a new work stream for the restaurant. I will text Dave for a time but I'm sure he doesn't care so long as he knows the approximate number of people. IS there anyone available at dinner time who would object to 7 pm?

Louro has done private events outside of regular opening times before and as I think Steve pointed out they have staff on site in that time period.


I'm in for dinner, but may show up earlier if that is an option.

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I haven't spoken with Dave directly yet but I talked to the FOH today to make sure that they don't have any event scheduled for the bar area that day and that it's scheduled to be open for business 4-7pm. All is fine…. business as usual, according to him… sometimes empty, sometimes crowded. There might be a football game on (Wild Card playoff is that day but time unknown) so it may have more people than usual. I plan to show up by 4pm and hang out until our dinner with Jesikka et al at 7pm. Anyone who wants to join me there is welcome. I'm not sure any food will be available (I'll still try to talk to Dave so he knows my plan) but we can all drink … no commitment necessary -- cash bar. Hopefully, we can find a corner (or more) to gather and do so.


I'll keep you all informed if anything changes. Otherwise, see you there. And/or at dinner at 7pm (remember to reserve thru Jesikka if you're planning to join the dinner group).

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Well, things change...


I spoke to Dave today and he informed me that, starting next week (perfect timing), Louro will be closed after brunch until 5:30pm -- including the bar area. So, unless anyone has a place nearby where those interested can gather earlier at a bar for drinks, Ginny & I will be showing up at Louro at 5:30 to drink pre-dinner with any of you who wish to join us. Sorry if some of you can't make it that late.


We'll see those of you who so desire to come for drinks beginning at 5:30pm at Louro's bar & we'll be joining Jessika et al for dinner there at 7pm with those of you who have contacted her and also joined her reservation.

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I appreciate all the effort people put into organizing this event. It's a thankless and difficult job.


I've thought about attending but decided against it. I really prefer the meet-greet-graze-and drink format of previous events. But that's just me. I hope everyone attending has a great time.

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