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MFF Holiday Party at Louro, 1/4/15

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The discussion starts with the above post on the Louro thread.

That would be so contrary to the entire MFF ethos that I can't believe you would even say it.

Ginny & I are in for 7pm dinner. Thanks Jesikka for organizing this.   And, as Jesikka said, I'll talk to Dave about a group drinking and nibbling at the bar starting around 3:30 or 4pm as well

We were there for drinks, but couldn't stay for dinner in the end. The holiday food frenzy finally got to us and we both felt that we couldn't eat another bite. I'll make it up to Dave in the near future.

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There were eight of us who were there and it was not just an incredible value-- Dave fed us an insane amount of food for about $80 a head (including wine!!)-- it was also the best meal I've had at the restaurant. The highlights were numerous. I think my favorite was the garlic soup with the egg. Or maybe the chicken with the truffles. Or the (smoked?) oysters. Or all of the pastas... the squash agnolotti was Robin's favorite. Actually I think it was the tilefish.......

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The white fish was tilefish and it was utterly delicious. As were the foie, the pastas, those scallops!, that venison!! Etc. A great and very convivial meal. I was jet lagged and by the time we got to the serious eating it was 2 AM in London so I had hit the wall before the pork but everything I did taste was ott fabulous.

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