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No Farrell's? But I was looking forward to it. :P


Dammit, I was in Red Hook yesterday (see different thread). I liked the Old Pioneer, but I assumed the Bait & Tackle place (which I saw) was just a suprisingly popular angling store. :P

Go to Farrell's if you must but you've been warned. A much more pleasant option apres-Farrell's is Johnny Mack's, a nice neighborhood bar that caters to a mixed blue collar and yuppie crowd. The food is good if you order carefully. They do a very respectable pub style burger and there are small pizzas which are surprisingly tasty. (Get the pepperoni and red peppers.) I've been going there on Sundays for years during football season to catch the out of town games.


In Red Hook I like the Pioneer as well but Bait & Tackle has more atmosphere. And the bear. I like to hit B&T prior to dining at 360. Makes for an interesting contrast.

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After all the sad goings on at the former Mare Chiaro and Marion's on the Bowery, maybe we should have an ongoing thread for threatened NYC bars.   Latest warning signs come from the wonderfully nam

i had just pm'ed him that you'd be coming after him. i see it didnt take long.

Time Out has it under their Just Opened heading.

Wilf: dont say I didnt tell you.... you're going to be sorry if you dont check out Sonny's in Red Hook first. Now, with Fairway almost on their doorstep, it's just a matter of time before it disappears. Same for Lillie's, perched across the street from what will be Ikea. And Bait and Tackle, Lex's favorite taxidermist bar. It's a Friday or Sat evening crawl (not daytime), with 360 as the start or end point for dinner.

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I don't know if it's on the radar screen but Muggs Ale House in Williamsburg is worth a mention. They routinely have about 15 different craft beers on tap and unlike many of the other places in the neighborhoood they cater to a mixed crowd - hipsters are in the minority. Good pub food too.


Muggs is on Bedford and 10th (11th?) a few blocks from the L train stop. You could bundle a visit to Muggs with a walk through Williamsburg and a tour of the Brooklyn Brewery which is about 3 blocks away.

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I think you're posting about good bars, Lex. Which is very welcome indeed. But what I had in mind were threatened bars. Subway Inn would be an example, although we still don't know if that's what Omni meant.


I am sadly obsessed with visiting places, the like of which we shall not see again.

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