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After all the sad goings on at the former Mare Chiaro and Marion's on the Bowery, maybe we should have an ongoing thread for threatened NYC bars.   Latest warning signs come from the wonderfully nam

i had just pm'ed him that you'd be coming after him. i see it didnt take long.

Time Out has it under their Just Opened heading.

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I would take that with a grain of salt. I tried to go to this diner-type place on Houston (near the Sunshine Theater) that TONY said had opened, only to find that it's not quite ready. Give it another few weeks just to be safe.

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Tragic news about the Landmark Tavern posted on the Midtown West thread by Tamar.


apparently closed


The bar was carved from a single tree.  :blink:


Research suggests this was the third oldest bar in the city (opened 1868) ...And the Landmark's passing was almost unnnnoticed.

Good news, according to TONY.


With a restored interior, and an Australian chef offering a more ambitious menu, the Landmark lives again. And the scotch eggs are back. We shall have to see what the restored interior entails, but I am pleasantly surprised that someone invested in this remote location.

It's been open for 2 weeks- still has the original bar. I had never been before as I decided to go just as it closed :o . They still have the original bar, and nice irish men behind it. We just had a couple of salads, mine with the scotch eggs. I managed to live in Scotland for 8 months without ever having this delicacy. They were a little soggy from the dressing of the mediocre salad they were on, but the tops were still deep fried and crispy. Leave it to the scottish . . . My friend had a chicken salad that tasted like typical diner breaded chicken tenders, and we shared a plate of crispy papdom-like bread (in texture, not in spices), with hummus (eh) a red pepper dip (eh) and an eggplant dip that was quite tasty. I tried a Belgian wheat beer, and I did notice a selection of more than a dozen single malts so I will definitely be back to drink. One of the owners was schmoozing and buying drinks for most of the regulars- he obviously wants to make this work. Definately not a food destination, but it will be a pleasant place to come drink in my neighborhood. One of the few not gay places that doesn't have pulsating music.

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