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After all the sad goings on at the former Mare Chiaro and Marion's on the Bowery, maybe we should have an ongoing thread for threatened NYC bars.   Latest warning signs come from the wonderfully nam

i had just pm'ed him that you'd be coming after him. i see it didnt take long.

Time Out has it under their Just Opened heading.

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I had Yuengling and passed on the Bad Elf, the Butt, the Coal and the Welcome. It was good beer, cold, refreshing and a perfect complement to 2 Sabrett hot dogs with onions, mustard and kraut, provided gratis as part of "happy hour". Also went well with Rose's gourmet chips. When they relocate, they should raise the prices per beer and invest in new tables. Service was fine; someone even bussed the table while we were there. I'll miss this place.

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While we were sleeping... :rolleyes:


I cast some nervous glances across Eighth Avenue at Smith's while toasting McHale's recently. It looked somehow - I dunno - cleaner.


Investigation bore out my fears. Must have changed hands. Doors have been knocked through from the bar to the diner next door, creating an unwelcome sense of space and conviviality. The irreplaceable steam-table menu - Broiled fresh waterfront, pig knuckle, etc - has gone, to be replaced by more plausible suggestions. The cupboard holding the individual boxes of cereal, presumably for those who chose to breakfast here, has gone too, as has the small but indomitably formally-garbed waiter. And worst of all...there are women serving behind the bar. Every time I have been in here over the last fourteen years, always the same two old Irish guys, pulling pints and occasionally thumping a baseball bat on the bar for attention.


One or two rheumy-eyed die-hards, cling on bemusedly, and the floor is not yet quite spotless. But we shall not look upon its fearsome like again.


Had to go the Holland Bar to cheer up. Still in the gutter, I am pleased to report. The bar, that is, not me.

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It is still a dive by most people's standards. No doubt about that. But not as divey as it once was.


An expert made the point to me last night that it is hardly surprising many of these places are closing. I guess they don't make money, and they're kind of nasty, does have something to do with it. But they should stay open for my personal amusement! :rolleyes:

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I was thinking this morning that we should list the bars of New York which really need to be protected. Although I am always sad when a bar closes to be replaced by a business which retails something other than alcohol, there are plenty of bars which would not, of themselves, be missed.


I will start the ball rolling with some calls which seem to me obvious:



The Bridge Cafe (to the extent it is a bar, anyway)

Pete's Tavern

The Old Town Bar

The Holiday Cocktail Lounge*

The Holland Bar*


The Three Jolly Pigeons (Bay Ridge)


The Lion's Head, even though it keeps changing its damn name.

The Seville Lounge (Harlem)

The Landmark Tavern (just saved from extinction)


Any more?




*These are ones I am particularly nervous about losing.

A subject dear to us. Ghoulish as it is to think about it, we fear for:


Subway Inn

Jimmy's Corner (or do you know something that we don't?)

The Blarney Cove (East 14th)


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Yes, Subway Inn is a good call. The owner was in his nineties last time I looked - is he still with us?


Happily, Jimmy and Swannee are in good form at the Corner - as they have been for more than thirty years now.


One of my other Harlem haunts, The Jewel Lounge, has been smartened up - but still the same ownership. One doesn't like to speculate about how some of their customers can afford the bottles of Louis Roederer Cristal which pack the fridge. :wub:

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