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Steve & Ginny Go to Seattle: Where to eat, what to order, who to see?

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We did. Very friendly place, great bartender, good wines & beer. The food was ok enough but I wasn't that impressed with the nachos... I thought that the flavors didn't really blend, with the chips & cheese & sautéed onions reducing the crab's flavor. Oh well. I did like the fried zucchini sticks. And the red beer.


Today was Snoqualmie Falls, then a series of outdoor cafes & happy hours with our Ballard friends. Nice. Any additional food will be at our apartment... the Beecher cheese & the dried salmon from Pure Food Fish at Pike Market are calling. And wine of course.

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No, not this month. Or next. We have a wedding to attend the weekend of June 26-28th a couple of hours away in Leavenworth & will probably stick around Seattle afterwards for a couple of weeks o

We're honestly not sure how we ever used to fit working into our schedule.

We'll be back home in frigid NYC in a week & I'll seriously search & lock in something then. Just couldn't bring myself to do any of it while here in Fla. Meanwhile, thanks for the 2 links.

Paul just reminded me that the nachos we had at Some Random Bar were with pulled pork, not crab. I can see where it wouldn't be great with crab. I don't usually like crab and cheese together.

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