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From March 10-14 the oyster will be my world. A long-over due visit to Chez Roellinger, for which I can't explain the oversign, especially given my latest dictum: "Don't trust a chef under 50". I haven't been to this neck of the woods since I was a teen-ager, barely knowing the difference between an oyster and a mussel.


M goal is eating 100 oysters in 3.5 days, including some of the wild, jumbos "pieds de cheval", the availability of which which will depend on the catch. As I plan on having three or four dinners at his Chateau du Richeux, does anyone out there have lunch suggestions or between-meal food between St. Malô/Dinard and Mont Saint-Michel?

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I haven't been there in years, abut Breizh Cafe in Cancale proper is worth a stop.


Yesterday at Le Duc I had what were easily the best Belons I've ever tasted. They were probably sized 00000 and did not suffer for it. From Cancale.

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I plan on having three or four dinners at his Chateau du Richeux


Personally I would definitely stay at the Chateau where the resto is situated.

Les Rimains is pretty much just a small building with 4 rooms, two on each floor. That's it. No services really. No common areas. Not much conviviality with other guests. Nicely situated, bien sur, but so is the chateau.

After back-to-back dinners, methinks that Le Coquillage might start to get a bit repetitive, but it's by far the best place for many many miles.

La Table de Breizh Cafe is a possible local dinner alternative ... and it's perfectly fine, if not better, for a real lunch on a nice day.

But if you are having a big dinner back at the castle, a simple, casual, leisurely 100-oyster lunch with your honey by the port while staring off into the bay is a reasonable way to pass the day.

Also, for a simple lunch-snack, having some galettes at Breizh Cafe with a cider can't cause too many complaints. Maybe you even precede those galettes with oysters.


goal is eating 100 oysters in 3.5 days

Pffffft, what a serious lightweight ... a rank amateur even.

Minimum professional standards require 100 oysters in 3.5 HOURS.

True pros aim for 3.5 MINUTES ! That's still not even an oyster every 2 seconds. For the top players, it's a mere training exercise.

Please confirm your misprint above, otherwise I will no longer be able to participate here.

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Chambolle is quite right: let us recall this anecdote from Brillat-Savarin: "

In 1798 I was at Versailles as a commissioner of the Directory, and had fairly frequent dealings with the Monsieur Laperte, who was secretary to the tribunal of the department; he was extremely fond of oysters, and used to complain of never having eaten enough of them, or, as he put it, ‘had his bellyful of them’.


I decided to provide him with that satisfaction, and to that end invited him to dinner.


He came; I kept him company as far as the third dozen, after which I let him go on alone. He went up to thirty-two dozen, taking more than an hour over the task, for the servant was not very skillful at opening them.


Meanwhile, I was inactive, and as that is a distressing condition to be in at the table, I stopped my guest when he was still in full career. ‘My dear fellow,’ I said, ‘it is not your fate to eat your bellyful of oyster today; let us have dinner.’"

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