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Joe Franklin

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I grew up with this guy. Parked in front of the B&W TV as a pre-schooler by my mom.


He came into and out of my life randomly during his late night show. Always a blast to watch particularly through the marijuana haze of my late teens/early twenties. The strangest mishmash of guests you'll ever see. For all the trite, schmaltzy stuff; he was original as hell. One of a kind. He was never ever rude.

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My first job was at TV Guide, where I wrote blurbs for the listings of local programs, including Joe Franklin's. I can't believe that he was only 16 years older than I am. That would have made him 38-39 when I knew him (I talked to him every week and had the occasional lunch) and even then -- he was old.

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I don't want to say anything that could be perceived as pejorative about someone I revere, but is it possible he faked his age?


He CAN'T be that young.


Here's a fun fact. Franklin was 6 months younger than Johnny Carson.


Carson always seemed 35 while Frankin always seemed 65.

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