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The Up & Up, 116 MacDougal St., NYC

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The Up & Up is the new bar from, well:


The Up & Up.


Four of us went last night and sat at the bar - at Sneak's ungodly hour of 6 - but it's really not that ungodly for a bar, I guess.


Crappy stools, but what else is new?


Some really great drinks (currently $14), and they do some bottled cocktails, in either 375ml or 750s at, $45 and $90. For $45, you get about 4 nice drinks, so a relative bargain, and the one bottle we tried, the Messier Manhattan (not Mark, but Max Messier), was delicious. Stirred cocktails served properly ice cold. And a few of the drinks available in "halfies."


Good, new SCB. We didn't try any of the snacks. But it's around the block from Lupa and many other dining options, so kind of a nice location, too.

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This cocktail bar - located below street level in the storied erstwhile Gaslight space - opened sometime last winter. Doesn't look like we have a thread for it? We stopped here for drinks following dinner at Seamore's. Everything we tried was outstanding.

Some of their drinks come pre-made in bottles. You can order individual sized old fashioneds and Manhattans (here called "The Teague Old Flaskoned" and "Ada Messier", respectively). They also offer larger-sized (375mL or 750mL) versions of other classics, such as a martini and a negroni. We started with an old fashioned and a Manhattan. They were flawless. The individual drinks come in a glass flask, delivered with the glass and the proper ice/garnish.

Round two included the Land Shark (Novo Fogo barrel-aged cachaça, bourbon, green chartreuse, allspice dram, pistachio orgeat, and angostura & orange bitters) (a little sweet, but delicious), and the Peat’s Dragon (Cutty Sark prohibition, Talisker 10 yr, Grand Marnier, Lillet, Dolin Dry Vermouth, and black pepper tincture) (this drink was really terrific). The black pepper tincture is extremely potent - ask for a little taste.

Finally, we split a Screen Door Slam (Maker’s Mark, aperol, honey, vanilla bean, and absinthe). This is where my memory starts to get fuzzy... but I remember liking it.

You need to check this place out if you're a cocktail drinker.

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