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Chevalier at The Baccarat

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The cocktail thing, when they're using a high-end $70/$80 (retail) liquor as the base, I don't think it's hard to justify that price. I think Sneak got a standard screwdriver or something at the same price, which is unfair.


The grilled cheese does come with tomato soup, but if that's $30, do the burger with (real, allegedly) black truffle sauce for $35.

It does bring up the issue of whether one should be using an $80 hooch in a cocktail in the first place...


The burger seems the better sandwich option, though my distrustful mind is always wary when an expensive menu item says “black truffle” without “Perigord” (or at least “winter”) preceding it. Though surprise cheap(er) summer truffles are a far lesser offense than a surprise mouthful of 2,4-dithiapentane.

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I saw that the Baccarat's bar is opening tonight. No date yet for the main restaurant, Chevalier. This is the place Charles Masson will be running, with Shea Gallante in the kitchen. Modern take on

I recall the good old days when I went to a restaurant for the food. Now I have all these other things to worry about to determine if I had a good time.

I've been to that downstairs bar twice, and both times got a seat with no trouble at all.   I went upstairs only once. The bar was such a madhouse that a guy in a suit wouldn't even let me in the do

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