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Sietsema's Guide to NYC Literary "Haunts"

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Sure to bring out my pedantry.


Joe Gould, an eccentric author known as Professor Seagull. The diminutive beatnik poet...



What an anachronism. The term "beatnik" was coined a year after he died, and his miniscule poetic output occurred in The Dial, a magazine of high modernism back in the '20s.


One evening in 1953 he drank so much that he went home to the Chelsea Hotel, was transported to St. Vincent’s Hospital, and died soon after of alcohol poisoning.



Dylan Thomas died a few days after that session, and it's unlikely that alcohol poisoning was the cause of death.


The bar was immortalized in John McNultry’s Third Avenue, New York.



McNulty, McNulty, McNulty.


Dorothy Parker held her Round Table from 1919 to 1929...



Her Round Table?


Nowadays, of course, the Algonquin Round Table is patronized mainly by literary tourists...



That's what the Algonquin will tell you, but the room it was in (The Rose Room) was destroyed as part of a refurb a few years ago.


No McSorley's, no Lion's Head, and given that it features some closed joints, why no Cedar Tavern?

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