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Slave-Caught Fish

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That happened where I live. The owners of a restaurant "imported" a chef from Thailand, took his passport away, didn't pay him (or paid him less than required), etc. etc. It ended far worse than it did for either of the above mentioned cases, as the chef commited suicide.

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A Russian fishing trawler sank in just 15 minutes early Thursday in the icy waters off Russia's Far East coast, killing at least 56 of its 132 crew members, rescue workers said.


The massive trawler Dalny Vostok sank about 4 a.m. local time (1800 GMT Wednesday; 1 p.m. EDT Wednesday) in the Sea of Okhotsk off the Kamchatka Peninsula. It did not send a distress signal prior to the sinking.


Among the 132 crew members, 78 were from Russia, 42 from Myanmar and the rest were from Latvia, Ukraine and Vanuatu.





Other than the obviously hideous accident, I was thinking about how big a fishing trawler must be, and how many metric tons of fish they must harvest and process while at sea. And wondering about how much longer they'll be catching fish.


Oh - it's big...


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