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Favorite "dive" restaurant...

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So the dive bar discussion got me thinking. I don't know that I want to say "dive" restaurant -- maybe "hole in the wall" or a real "joint" kind of place. Maybe it's a pub-grub kind of place? I am looking for a casual, local, neighborhood, hole in the wall, my favorite joint, kind of place.


What is your favorite dive, hole in the wall, real hard-core joint kind of place?


Would the Dutch House qualify? Davey's (Locker)? Yes, I know they both serve very good burgers -- so I am not limiting this to burgers, but what's your favorite? What do you like? I used to like the 101 Pub -- they had a very good cheesesteak sandwich, with mozzarella, served on garlic bread. Hiram's is a real joint, but you are almost limited to hotdogs (OK, you can have a burger).


What else? Burgers, sandwiches, steak, doesn't matter...Help me out here. Thank you in advance.

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How about Patsy's in Fairview? Not a dive, but a joint kind of place.


Rudy's in Cliffside Park -- again, not a dive, but a neighborhood, joint kind of place.


Keep 'em coming...thanks again folks.

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The Iron Horse in Westwood HAS to qualify for this


Really? You think? I don't know why, but I wouldn't think IH. Maybe I would. I'm not sure. Now, I would say Finnegan's -- up the street and around the corner from IH -- would qualify.


First, I think the IH has long ago "jumped the shark" so to speak. I just think they slipped, and slipped, and pre-fire, I just didn't like their food anymore. Second, I have not been there post-fire. I guess I could see it (pre-fire). Thanks.

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