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There is a current trendlet of ethnic people (usually Asian) who have worked in the kitchens of fancy New York restaurants -- usually Per Se or EMP -- opening restaurants featuring updates of or varia

It will be interesting to see how many Annette records can be linked to active topics.

Spam and fine claret. At least it's not American cheese and fine claret.

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When you book dinner for someone at Noreetuh and it turns out they gave up drinking...


Still the Rioja Alta by the glass is terrific. Very good food; masubi with pork jowl or beef tongue (yes there’s Spam if you want it); monkfish liver, generous Wagyu hanger steak over rice. Good price. And even though we don’t talk about it any more the place was packed.

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My wine group goes there regularly. Food is great and really as long as you're not drinking Napa cab or the like it's perfectly fine pairing. Owner and staff are super friendly.

Mostly, but depends on the Napa Cab producer.


But Sonoma, Contra Costa and Lake County Cabs are better with their food - especially those more than 12 years old.

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