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Will be in LA for several weeks in the near future. I don't follow the LA dining scene closely at all, so I need a little help. I'm looking for an eclectic mix of recommendations mostly in the cheap e

Guelaguetza for dinner. The negro mole is really good—but I wondered whether it should be spicier?? Or maybe my taste buds are blown.



I'll be staying in the NoMad -- but also obvs have no need to eat in Daniel Humm satellites.



you'll be within easy reach of grand central market. also the downtown location of guisados. koreatown is also a short ride away--go eat some grilled intestines at ahgassi gopchang.

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For those who appreciate fast-food-style smashed burgers, Burgers Never Say Die has arguably perfected the technique.  Not for everyone (think McDonald's, not Minetta), but I found them excellent.  On a weekday at 11am, it took about 15 minutes.  I've heard lines can get nutty, though.

Quite the success story.  https://la.eater.com/2019/2/13/18223483/burgers-never-say-die-silver-lake-restaurant-opening-new

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Old Lightning in Venice is one of the best places I've thrown back excellent cocktails.


A bit out of the way but you can make a night of it and have dinner at Gjelina as well. We did this but by the time we got to Gjelina for dinner I was LIT up. The hospitality and drinks at Old Lightning are fantastic.




They are now in Resy (used to be email only) but I can reach out to the manager that we met there if you need an in.

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