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Emily Pizza

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919 Fulton St

Brooklyn, NY 11238United States



Funny enough, I was at the same community board meeting with the fine folks at the Emily over a year ago. Just to give you an idea of how long I have been waiting to open my place.. While we have gone to Emily a few times over the last year, yesterday was the first time I really remember being there.


It's amazing how much adulation this place has received. I am really so happy for them.


So, yesterday we started with two salads:


The first was a spinach salad, the second was a kale salad.


Spinach salad was really nice. Beautiful spinach actually. Really lovely. I think it had toasted soy beans as well and really lovely radishes.




The kale salad while good, was a little less memorable.. They had dried cherries. But, the predominant flavor was lemon.


Very few people can get me excited about a kale salad.. this was good but, not too exciting.




The star of the show is the pizza.. This is really nice. It is super cheesy and has this beautiful creamy mozzarella. More saucy than your traditional Neapolitan. i am a big fan




this pizza, the colony was really not my favorite.. Miss A liked it just fine, i thought the honey didn't really much. I have other pizza's with honey where I enjoyed.. I just didn't like it so much.




the next pizza was also a meaty dish.. It was the RM13 or something to that affect.. It had fontina, bentons ham, the same pepporoni that the colony had and some sausage.. I found this to be delicious though, my favorite of the day remains the regular pizza.





Staff was awesome, room was lovely. A perfect neighborhood spot.. So fortunate to have them in my neighborhood.. It's been so wild watching all of these wonderful places pop up.

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that burger tho:







Half for Jax, half for Alicia and I




Some special pizza. We all just had a slice and took the rest home.




it's a bummer that they don't have highchairs but, Jax sat on my lap and they were super sweet to get our food out immediately.. They must have rushed our order to the head of the line.

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we got there at 6:45 or 7.. As we were walking there, i called and asked if we could put our name down on the list.. They said no, I asked how long the wait was, the said 45 minutes to an hour, I walked in, there were a few open tables and we sat right down.. The block is dead this week..

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The problem isn't mainly the wait. It's that they run out of the burger early.


Ahhh, right..

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The three of us went for their burger last night.. Well, Miss A and I were in dire need of their burger as, we were barley moving after the prior evenings transgressions. But, we arrived a 5:25 and waited until they opened at 5:30.. we were the first in line and by the time we left around 630, there was still a couple of bar seats and one table of 4 available..


I love these guys but. still am baffled by their short hours.. I think they have brunch one day a week and the rest they open at 5:30.. Makes no sense to me, obviously, they are ok with it as it's their third year..


We started with a calamari app and their chicken wings.. The calamari appetizer was fried with fried chick peas, onions and lemons and a few sauces.. Alicia was very impressed.. We then moved on to the wings.. They are super interesting.. Miss K and I gravitated to these guys. They were flavored with the korean fermented hot sauce, gochujang.. I love everything fermented and these were really fun,, a nice hit of peanut.




Miss K had a pizza, the Luca.. I had some of her crust.. But, really, it's all about that burger.. They also do these sort of garbage fries, or fries with the burger sauce or something that we passed on. I love the burger, it we had some wine, it saved my life.. We went home and watched Gone with the WInd until, there was an emergency and it was back to work around midnight. For the record, we did not finish the burger and young Jax will be eating it for lunch today.

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I want to emphasize again, for readers, that as far as I know only a limited number of burgers are available at Emmy Pizza each day, starting at 6 PM and continuing until sold out. For some reason, there is no such limitation at Emily Squared in Williamsburg (and presumably at the new Emily Squared to be opened in the Village), where the burgers are always available.


So unless they've changed the policy at Emily Pizza to conform with their other places, if you want the burger at Emily Pizza, you have to get there around 6.


(If anybody knows that they changed that policy, please let me know.)

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