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The women who ran White Gold Butcher on the UWS have started a meat delivery service from their farm upstate last month. We have been happy with their level of service and the product. I really loved that place so am glad to have them back in my life in some way.

First thing I did when my ground beef arrived is try to recreate their chopped cheese sandwich at home. IT WAS GOOD but...theirs was over the moon.

It's a subscription service


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I have to add a vote for an old-skool place. On Sullivan, just south of Houston St., lives Pino's Prime Meats...     Today, I got me some beautiful neck and shoulder of this Colorado lamb.   N

The M9 will take you door to door to Essex Street market, then on to Chinatown. There's convenient.

Pino's is the best. I have been a customer for many years. I also like Florence Meat Market on Jones.

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It is turning out to be such a huge life-enhancement to have a good butcher a block or so away.

Like today, I needed some leaf lard to make my planned dinner.  When Flying Pig didn't show at the Greenmarket this morning, I didn't have to panic.  I knew I could pop into the new butcher later on.

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What’s funny about Crossing Delancey now is that Assimilated Uptown Jewess Amy Irving is shown as defying social convention by becoming romantically involved with an LES pickle guy. Whereas now LES pickle guys are as socially desirable as can be.  

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35 minutes ago, Sneakeater said:

Joan Macklin Silver would have told you that Crossing Delancey is a non-trivial action.  

Exactly.  One of the reasons they’ve modified Delancey on the eastern end to the extent they have is due to the number of fatalities.

I still don’t know why a crossover or under has never been done. Well. I do know why. Delancey St. is basically a highway. 

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2 hours ago, Wilfrid said:

The only danger I've seen in crossing Delancey is the cyclists coming off the bridge like it's the final lap of the Tour de France.

So you've never seen cars/trucks/motorcycles racing TO the bridge? With Essex/Delancey being one of the worst intersections in Manhattan for accidents.


Next, they'll have to do something at Essex/Broome.

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41 minutes ago, Wilfrid said:

I've been crossing Delancey several times a week for twenty years, and I'm good.

Of course you could be a brain in a vat part of a huge computer simulation and when you get run over it's just reset to give you another chance.

Reasons to love your butcher - discovering that there was no fatback in the delivery from the farm - "Hey Leo, you got some fatback for me?" "I only have Ibérico, is that okay?" "I'll take it I guess..."

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