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I have to add a vote for an old-skool place. On Sullivan, just south of Houston St., lives Pino's Prime Meats...     Today, I got me some beautiful neck and shoulder of this Colorado lamb.   N

The M9 will take you door to door to Essex Street market, then on to Chinatown. There's convenient.

Pino's is the best. I have been a customer for many years. I also like Florence Meat Market on Jones.

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12 hours ago, Orik said:

Of course you could be a brain in a vat part of a huge computer simulation and when you get run over it's just reset to give you another chance.


Brain in a vat. Good old undergraduate days. ❤️

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52 minutes ago, Wilfrid said:

Brain in a vat. Good old undergraduate days. ❤️

When I try to explain to someone that the "simulation hypothesis" is just good old Cartesian doubt for techies I usually follow up with "I know you're going to explain to me how it's different because I have access to the debug console"

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