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This place deserves its own thread, although it's also part of the discussion about how eating in Bushwick has changed. I reviewed it this week.   I think it's just over that borderline where you t

Can't help myself...polenta is almost always made with coarse ground cornmeal. Gnocchi alla Romagna is made with fine semolina[wheat].

Better, Charon--after the guy who rows across the Sticks on a grain of wheat.

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Mr Fortney writes


Bushwick: Faro, an Italian restaurant known for its pastas, has closed after eight years.

To be fair, he's not the only one to refer to it as an Italian restaurant, but it really wasn't. 


FARO is a neighborhood restaurant in Brooklyn, NY that opened in May 2015. Our focus is on handmade pasta using local grains, and utilizing NY farms and farmers to create delectable, seasonal American dishes.


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Really?  I think it totally was.  The non-pasta main dishes certainly seemed to skew Italian to me.

I think you think it wasn't Italian only because you liked it.

Have you been to Italy?  I think you might like actual Italian food more than you think you do.

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Appetizers: beef tartare, English pea soup, Gem lettuce salad.

Entrees: Dry aged duck breast, New York strip, cod with leeks.

The pasta bears the Italian names for the shapes, but with one or two exceptions did not have garnishes that any Italian restaurant would serve.

I've been to Italy a number of times and my all-time favorite New York restaurant was San Domenico. What I don't ever crave is Italian-American red sauce cooking.

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