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Bacari Grill...Washington Township

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Just wanted to give a review -- long overdue -- and a heads up regarding this Washington Township mainstay...


Just to preface my comments, I serve on the Board of Trustees of a nonprofit, industry organization (an estate planning council) that hosts between 7 and 10 luncheons annually at Bacari Grill. As such, I am there often, I've come to know the people, etc. In addition, personally, I frequent Bacari as well -- meeting friends, clients, etc. for drinks and/or dinner. That said, I recently threw a party for about 30-35 people and decided to have it at Bacari.


We had the party upstairs, in the private room -- some people know it as "The Patio" -- it's a very nice room, with, yes, you guessed it, a patio, LOL. The room has it's own bar, very nice, nice ambiance, with nice French doors out onto the patio. Depending on layout, this room can probably fit 50-60 people -- again, depending on layout, buffet, tables, etc. Bacari also has another private room downstairs, which can fit up to 100 people or more.


Bottom line -- from the moment we arrived, to the moment we left -- everything was great! I don't throw the word "great" around a lot. I use it sparingly because I feel it's applicability is sparse...but here it applies! Service -- great! Hospitality -- great! Food -- great! You name it -- great! From all the hors d'oeuvres and appetizers, to the various courses of the meal -- everything was wonderful!


Bacari is often overlooked and/or forgotten about -- and it shouldn't be. Whether I've gone there for drinks, drinks and appetizers, a salad, or lunch or dinner -- every single time I've had an excellent experience.



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