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From Eater:




CLINTON HILL — Mekelburg's is grocery store meets restaurant. Upfront there's a grocery and deli with porchetta, bread from Mazzola's, chocolate from Mast Brothers and the like, says Brownstoner. In the back, there's a bar with small plates and 16 craft beers, including some brew from Other Half Brewing. There's also a roomy backyard with picnic table seating for 40. The team is still getting some things in order. Status: Soft open. 293 Grand Avenue.


What a funny name for a store.

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From Eater:         What a funny name for a store.

I mean, when you get sick of crying for happiness for the reasons you listed, there are two more you can cry for happiness over.

I don't think so. My 2nd visit included a baked potato stuffed with cod collar and other non meat things that was very good. The sandwich with soft shell crab can probably be made without any meat &

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Went to opening day yesterday. The beer selection is very good (16 taps going), the porchetta sandwich was excellent, the space is well designed and roomy, the grocery selection is well chosen (& includes Rancho Gordo beans) & the woman behind the deli counter is hard working & personable. Her husband wasn't bad either. I'd guess we'll be going back reasonably often.

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Oh, I'm happy enough with Daniel and Alicia.

Wait--you mean this is the place they've been working on all these years? Am I the last to know? Sheesh. (not that it matters)


ETA: I never knew Daniel's family name. And I didn't bother to follow the links. So no wonder I didn't get it.

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Yes, yes, it's me... We have been opened two weeks this Sunday. It has been a lot of work and a life long dream.. We could not be more happy or more exhausted.. We are a gourmet shop, a craft beer bar, a full bar, a cheese shop, a restaurant and we have some really nice outdoor seating.


We have started with a small but, well rounded bar menu. We have everything from homemade porchetta sliced thin and made into sandwiches, to bone marrow with toasts and garlic jam, to mackerel with radicchio and a pork skin crostini with pistachio butter. Anyone who remembers some of the things I have made on the dinner thread will be very familiar with our menu any surprised by some new stuff we recently created.


Alicia, Miss A and I tons of menu items that we have created @ www.nybiteclub.com over the years.. We have introduced or will be introducing those items as well. We also look forward to informing our Bite Club members that we are opened.


I don't really know what is going on now.. We are officially opened but, it's our soft opening.. Which means, we are opened but, not opened, opened. We are having a grand opening either on my birthday July 7th, or July 10th.. This means we will be informing press and having lots of joint ventures with our suppliers whether it be beer events, cheese events, or just a lot of sampling from our food vendors.. We want to do a lot of fun and interesting things in our space..


Anyway, i hope to see you all down here at some point.. Would love the support and of course your feedback..



Happy to answer any questions.


We have an amazing beer list:





Meat plate:




It's a pork belly potato. stuffed with raclette




soft shell crab blat:



caviar potato the other day: stuffed with black cod collar.


pork belly with melon "hash" ( i know, i was disappointed when i was told it had to be virgin)




Bone marrow:




we carry some really awesome breads.. For example, we have Mazolla's lard and spinach bread everyday.





It's been 130 hour work weeks and despite the time i spend in there, i have forgotten to take photos of the entire place..




Porchetta sandwich with broccoli rabe and parm:



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hey thanks.. I still can't believe it's real.. one morning when i was prepping the lettuce for the day, I had a flashback to when i was 14 working in a subshop at the Jersey Shore.. I banged the stem of the lettuce down on the counter and then proceeded to put it on the meat slicer.. I remembered exactly how I felt and it was the exact same routine.. I turned to Alicia and said, when i was a kid I never imagined that I would be doing this same thing in my very own place one day.. Her response was "yes, you did" and she is right, this is always what I ever wanted.


But, yeh, the exhaustion, the lack of sleep, combined with my happiness and how proud I am of Alicia, it's extremely hard to not start crying all the time.

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