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From Eater:         What a funny name for a store.

I mean, when you get sick of crying for happiness for the reasons you listed, there are two more you can cry for happiness over.

I don't think so. My 2nd visit included a baked potato stuffed with cod collar and other non meat things that was very good. The sandwich with soft shell crab can probably be made without any meat &

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We are now a liquor store, take out, grocery and beer cave... As most of the bars are closed, as most of the breweries take out and tap rooms are closed, there are opportunities for some really interesting beers.. We were able to find a guy we use for deliveries up in hudson valley.. .they have dropped off 40 cases of suarez and hudson valley and we have another 40 coming in the next week... we also have exciting things from Grimm and Other Half... We have also reached out to Vermont and are hoping to announce some exciting deliveries in the near future.  Selling a lot of liquor and cases of beer..

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This is how we opened.. this was like a 24 hour turn around.. it has since gotten a lot bigger and more filled... 

But day one, last monday







coffee shop now a liquor store:




OG before the fridge showed up: It looks so much better now





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Nice delivery yesterday:



Harvester of Simcoe


Energy Equals


Palatine Pils

Ms Frank


Crispy Little


Other Half:

Green City

Forever Simcoe


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Excited new for OG, our Clinton HIll location.  We just added a couple more fryers and a flat top.. We are introducing a dry aged cheesesteak, chicken wings and a hatch new mexico green chile breakfast burrito.  Love all of these new items. 

I particularly have a fondness for this item.. The chile sauce is awesome and we have a great source for the hatch chiles.. I have been buying from this guy for the last 10 years so, it's nice to see something you love in your home come to your restaurant.  Not to mention, I have only eaten maybe like 5 burritos in my life, my first one was rather recent as I never liked the idea of rice and bread together.. But, this is really good and a burrito I can endorse. 


I also think, we have the best damn wings in brooklyn.  of course, in my humble opinion...  We have a homemade blue cheese and a homemade ranch for the unwashed. 



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