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Provincetown, Wellfleet - Somewhat of a Report

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A couple of young 'uns in our family (she is Significant Eater's oldest, and hence first, niece) just had to open a general-store-cum-sandwich shop in Provincetown last summer. After living in Gowanus

Here was our first stop on the way to Provincetown...     Blustery, chilly, rainy day. Perfect for me. And for these...     The lobster on the lobster roll is wonderful. Why they use lettuce

Bought some really nice striped bass at the Mac's at the Wellfleet town pier one weekend about 10 years ago. Grilled it over the fire at the Nickerson State Park campground.

Posted Images

Beast would be thinking 'where and when should I cough up my next furball for maximum punishment for her for leaving me so often for so long'  :ph43r:  :o  :huh: The answer after the last trip was the Persian carpet just as I was taking my first bite of some soft scrambled eggs I'd labored over  :rolleyes:  Mission accomplished, Beast  :P . 

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This was a fun 4 or 5 days, as Provincetown is rolling up the sidewalks for the season. Even the inn we stay at is closing at the end of the month; normally open through the end of November, there may have been one or two other rooms occupied as of yesterday. But evidently the restaurants and food shops in town had one of their busiest summers on record.

We ate our fair share of lobster...the best of them was taken back to the house from Mac's Provincetown - steamed big ones.  Also ate quite a few dozen oysters from Wellfleet; a favorite, especially when super fresh.

There's this, from the deck outside the room...


at sunrise, with two lighthouses visible.

Later on another day...


pre sunset, taken from the breakwater, looking out over the tidal flats known as the moors.

And walking on the beach as the tide recedes (and before the gulls/terns, etc. get them), there are plenty of these...


A nice place to spend a few days. Dispensaries abound.

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Do you know what you're seeing, Monsieur Digestif ?


eta - resolution isn't great in this uploaded photo ... orig is ~ 3MB, uploaded is 159kB ... can a technocrat tell me how to upload full (or much higher) res ?

eta2 - I'll note that for the above I simply dragged the photo from my computer's file manager to the in-process MF reply box

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1 hour ago, joethefoodie said:

Looks like a Cessna Caravan?

No, Joe

I personally wouldn’t be caught dead in a Caravan but it’s a reasonable guess

Let’s just say close but no cigar with your digestif, mon ami


1 hour ago, joethefoodie said:

Cape Air?

Cape Air ? You mean, like, flying commercial ? 

Are you kidding me  😄😄😄  … that’s more up Bonner’s alley

And for the record, Bonner started all this


1 hour ago, Anthony Bonner said:

Chambo that looks like a prop plane with the high wing.  What kind of ramp presence is that? Disappointed.

Bonner Bonner Bonner, what am I going to do with you, geesh !

You don't really know much about joy flying near water, do you ?

Of course that’s a prop ! … because if you knew anything about jets, private or otherwise, then you’d know that they go way too fast to enjoy a leisurely, low-altitude, August sightseeing trip* … you just out-ed yourself, Bonner, so let me guess, you’re a back-of-the-bus commercial guy, right ? It’s okay to say yes … I’ll still love you !


1 hour ago, Anthony Bonner said:

What ever it is, it isn't a PJ 

And Bonner, which of your favorite PJs can land on water, huh ?  

[crickets … more crickets]   

Bonner, you still there ? Bonner ? Bonner ?


In fact, it’s my buddy’s bad-ass turbo prop that makes private pilots who are in the know drool … I’m serious … it is outfitted with arguably the world’s most advanced (custom) avionics setup that exists for such a plane. I’d show you a pic of the cockpit but it shows the tail number and with that you could track him and all his flights. People worry about privacy … you have someone’s tail number and you know their plane’s every move, every coming and going. And, yes of course, he also has a jet … he’s had a jet for over 20 years since before the dot com boom when everyone and their sisters got jets ... in fact, I recall living in Paris over twenty years ago, flying to Miami with a French gal and then we all PJed in his new rig to Bonaire for some super fun scuba diving. Take a wild guess what island we flew to next, Bonner ?


*That’s August 2020 obviously … because every single day of my August 2021 was spent in northern Spain, as was almost every single day of July (“almost” because I got stuck in Paris for the first week of it). I was actually hoping to say that I was in Galicia for every single day last August (cuz I wanted to make you drool, Bonner) but I just checked my records and it would not have been true because I noticed that I exited Galicia three days too early and zipped back through Asturias to have another very good lunch at Gunea, to buy some more excellent beers at Señor Lúpulo, to sip more excellent flat whites at Catlove, to lunch at O K A E R I, to stock up once again at Coalla (who recently opened a store in Madrid which I stopped into a couple weeks later and it’s a decent addition to the city, I’d say)  … and continued with just a quick pitstop in Bilbao since I had already be there for 6 sun sets in July and considering that Jonathan told me that Cork would be closed for vacay in late Aug, I opted for a (relatively) quick lunch at Los Fueros with ½ to ¾ of a bottle of Abel Mendoza 5V and walked over to Bihotz for a couple of flat whites and a Basqueland Zumo and that's all I really needed to break up the drive and stretch my legs as I was actually on my way back to the Bastard for a full week of fun and sun with a couple runs to France ie St Jean de Luz, Elements, Guinguette d’Erromardie (luv this spot ! I go every summer), Biarritz … in the Bastard, Old Town Coffee, yes but Sakona Coffee Roasters is gone baby gone ... but life is not all basking in the Basque and fun and games, Bonner, you know that … so with the summer siesta setting on me in September I was sadly slipping south through Burgos (with a very nice fine dining lunch pitstop at Cobo bien sûr ! ) but I had to keep cruising through the Kingdom of Castile and back to the reality of slumming it in-land in the country’s capital for a couple weeks before jettng back to misery of the French capital for a few weeks, which was quite gauling indeed … but such is life

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2 hours ago, joethefoodie said:


I was really focusing on the landmasses

I'll give you a hint ... exactly 3 minutes later I took this pic ... so Joe, what's this pic and what's the prior ?



eta - this lousy resolution for the pics is annoying me ... when I upload the image, it initially implies that the full 3MB was uploaded ... then when I include the image in the post, the uploaded image is shown as only 129kB ... can a better res pic be shown in the post ? if so, how ?


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24 minutes ago, Chambolle said:

I'll give you a hint ... exactly 3 minutes later I took this pic ... so Joe, what's this pic and what's the prior ?

I'm really bad at these games (much better at scrabble type stuff), but is that the area of Hyannis?

And in the first one, are you looking at Race Point - I see a light house there. Or Truro? 


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