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Provincetown, Wellfleet - Somewhat of a Report

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A couple of young 'uns in our family (she is Significant Eater's oldest, and hence first, niece) just had to open a general-store-cum-sandwich shop in Provincetown last summer. After living in Gowanus

Here was our first stop on the way to Provincetown...     Blustery, chilly, rainy day. Perfect for me. And for these...     The lobster on the lobster roll is wonderful. Why they use lettuce

Bought some really nice striped bass at the Mac's at the Wellfleet town pier one weekend about 10 years ago. Grilled it over the fire at the Nickerson State Park campground.

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On 10/14/2021 at 2:07 PM, joethefoodie said:

but is that the area of Hyannis?

Hyannis ! 😱 Are you serious ? 

Joe, you of all people know Chambo to be a man who is always, ALWAYS, on point !

Why in the world would I waste your time and my time with a frickin' photo of Hyannis in THIS thread ! Makes no sense, Joe, right ?

Last hint ... exactly 4 minutes after the prior photo I took this pic ... so what's this pic and the prior ?


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Jones Beach?

I'm never up in the air (at least not to my knowledge) over the cape; I'm more grounded at this level...






I did try to drive right up to Hopper's old stomping grounds in Truro, but the road is now private and closed.

So - are you MAYBE up over Provincetown and Wellfleet?


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On 10/16/2021 at 10:04 AM, joethefoodie said:

are you MAYBE up over Provincetown and Wellfleet?

That's a much better guess, Joe

I'll give you the gory details since you're a Cape and P-town lover ...


Here's pic 1 again ... to situate you, we are heading north towards Wellfleet, flying over the water, having passed First Encounter Beach and Campground Beach on our right … that’s forested Great Island in the foreground on the upper right and behind it you see the full curve of the bayside part of the outer cape and the entire P-town peninsula … that tiny white vertical line / fleck that you can make out (barely, in the MF blurry, crappy, low-res version ... you probably need to click on the photo) is the Winslow Street water tower … it’s pretty much dead center from left to right … interestingly the more well-known Pilgrim Monument, which is much taller and would be next to it on the right, is not visible (because it’s grey granite … in fact, it's the tallest granite structure in the country, I might add)



Pic 2 is Wellfleet Harbor … we are still heading north …  and Great Island would be on our left



In Pic 3 we are approaching the P-town peninsula … and now you can make out both the white Winslow Street water tower and the grey, more slender Pilgrim Monument to its right … the two tallest structures in P-town



Joe, watch out ... we are coming in closer !






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