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NBA 2015-2016

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Can the Lakers cast a spell on the Kings and get them to part with Boogie Cousins for Randle and the #2 pick? Seems like a dream.

Some are sanguine about the Lakers' offseason moves. http://www.silverscreenandroll.com/2015/7/7/8903037/la-lakers-free-agency-analysis-roy-hibbert-lou-williams-brandon-bass But honestly, isn't the

You have to ask yourself what is up with the Lakers. So far they appear to have gotten nowhere with K. Love, L. Aldridge and D. Jordan, Of the other big fish they were chasing, all that're left are Greg Monroe (doubtful at this point) and D. Cousins (very very doubtful). So, are they just waiting for Kobe to leave the building before they try anything real? It seems incredibly weak. Why did they pay Kobe so much to let him take meetings where he sabotages potential lineups? Kobe was and may still be a great player, but he has poisoned the well. Meanwhile, Kupchak is not looking like Jerry West or even Doc Rivers (as GM). Seems like the Lakers' best hope at the moment is Robin Lopez and the Knicks want him as well.

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