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i have this private tour of an exhibit thing at the Smithsonian and the cleaning fairytm is coming with. not sure if it's a day trip or an overnight yet. right now looking for places to eat and things

I mean kinship and metier, which aren’t really new.

Posted Images

If you would be so kind, AaronS, please indulge me and allow me to take us on a circuitous route in answering your question about the food. I think it may be an interesting exercise …

I’ll begin to answer your question by asking you a question

WhIch of these three halibut dishes do you think would give the most eating pleasure ?

Please rank them in order ...

Curtain Number ONE



Curtain Number TWO





Curtain Number THREE




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the second picture is from kinship.

I would probably rank them 1 2 3, probably because the combination of halibut and fig seems odd to me.

the third looks like home cooking to me, but it could taste great.

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Okay, very nicely done

I’ll continue to answer your question by asking you one more question

WhIch of these three, nah make that five, lamb dishes do you think would give the most eating pleasure ?

Please rank them in order ...

(Don't worry, AaronS, there's a method to this madness)

Curtain Number ONE



Curtain Number TWO





Curtain Number THREE



Curtain Number FOUR





Curtain Number FIVE (after it's cooked 🙂)




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two is from kinship.






hard to create much separation here, three and five look very similar but I like peas and assume chambo has procured good ones.

were both the kinship dishes cooked in a bag?


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