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Oiji (Korean in the East Village)

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well, we want back and it was not as good.. Took Miss K last night.. I don't understand restaurants.. Firstly, this place is opened for like 5 hours a day.. We arrived last night at around 9:20... We were the last to be seated, the restaurant says, closing at 10.. The waiter came up and said the kitchen would be closing shortly.. I asked if this would affect our experience, he assured no.. Well, of course it did.


And outside of the service there were some serious food issues as well.. Steak tartare was probably the biggest rip off I have had at a restaurant since being served a 28 dollar shrimp at Carbone. It was just cold, asiany flavored cubes of beef with a small piece of uni.. The uni was a 12 dollar add on.. Perhaps if the tartare was not so generic i could have appreciated the uni.


Wow: $30 I couldn't imagine the mark up on this. Actually, i know what it is.



Another miss were the dumplings in bone broth.. bone was a white bone broth though, it tasted dish watery, or that flavor profile people describe as dishwater.. The dumplings were nothing special or particularly delicate or memorable.. If these were being sold at a stall for 5 for a dollar somewhere, I don't think there would be a line around the block..




But, the main issue outside of a few misses on the food was the waiter did that cool thing where they don't write down your order.. And then proceeded to forget two dishes.. Then, to piss me off, told me I definitely didn't order one dish.. But, when I said, well, what about the other dish, as there was an actual discussion about that dish that he remembered.. The waiter conceded that I was at least correct in the one instance.. And as someone who doesn't like to upset their daughter, I bit my tongue and didn't proceed with how I would have liked to.


But the whole thing felt like it was closing time and they were trying to give us the bum's rush.. Which would have been fine if were eating at a taco bell and not some very expensive restaurant.. But, I think at this point, the reviews are in, the soul is gone and they are just on autopilot..


In their defense, there is a delicious oxtail on the menu, we ordered.. the seafood broth with truffles is delicious.. But yeh, it's very expensive and one could get less expensive versions of this exact meal at other places around town.. I am crossing this off the list for sure. .






Seafood broth:




Butter rice with mushroom and beef



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Well, they didn't mess up my order, and nothing tasted dishwater-y, and my final check was not bad at all.


But it looks like I saw the exact same menu that Daniel did 2.5 months ago, and that's faintly disappointing.

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