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2015-16 NCAA Football

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It's almost that time of year again.   AP Top 25   USA Today    

Dear god, he's already in mid-season form for annoyance level.

I'll drink to that.

So, I am I the only one who watched Montana drop the 4 time defending champ NDSU with 2 seconds to go? Great way to start the college season. (of course, as far as I am concerned, the 'real' season starts in Dallas on September 5th :cool: ).

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Please have your team go easy on the Badgers Saturday night. They still have no quarterback.

The game is in Dallas because?



A $4 million guarantee ;) .



The Cowboy Classic and the Chick-fil-a games always have big payouts thanks to ESPN wanting competitive matchups for the first weekend of college football. It's a good thing we got a guarantee---because the ticket sales have been pretty poor. Wisconsin sold very few tickets. Looks like the attendance will be 40K or so. The promoters got greedy and really overpriced the tickets. $250 for decent ones. . That's the most I've ever seen for a face value ticket for a regular season game.


And it's a great recruiting tool to be able to tell kids this:



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