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Genuine Liquorette

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This is the new Eben Freeman helmed AvroKO bar, located under Genuine Superette, on the corner of Mulberry and Grand Streets.


A friend and I wanted to check it out last night, but it was a F&F thing going on. We got in anyway, as my friend is a friend, or something like that.


There are a couple of cool concepts going on, including that cha-chunker machine, which Eben "invented," and which opens a can up so that a mini bottle of booze can be upturned into the can. As you drink the can's contents, the liquor drips in, creating your cocktail. (I had a Dark & Stormy, made with Zacapa).


You can grab a bottle of booze off a shelf. It's weighed when you do so, and weighed again when you're done - you pay for the booze by the gram. Then you can pick a modifier, mixer, whatever - and a cocktail will be made for you, or you can make it yourself. Evidently, you can even bartend if you want to.


Three's a lot going on here; it'll be interesting to see how it flies. We had 1 cha-chunker each, and a beer, and got the hell out before it got too crazy.


Grub Street pics are gonna be better than mine, so...


Grub Street



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This place is great. Stopped in last night after dinner at Yopparai. It was busy, but not quite packed. Eben was behind the stick. My first drink order was a grasshopper. The grasshopper at The Butterfly was amazing, and even though they don't have the same fancy ingredients here (like milk-clarified whatever) it was still pretty goddamn good. Next was an old fashioned - this wasn't quite a traditional old fashioned, he used some other kind of bitters in addition to angostura, but it was great. Last was a bartender's choice, a boozy brown drink served up, but I don't know what was in it. My date also had a couple dark & stormies. Somehow the bill only came to like $40.


Obviously I'm going back. Eben said he'd be there for "a while", and his nights are Tuesday through Friday.

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