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The City That Sleeps

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It seems like everything's closing earlier and earlier.   Yopparai used to be open until midnight - now it's 11pm. Not realizing this, I made a reservation on Opentable the other night - they showe

Obviously, this is where Sneak and Liquid need to be!

One can imagine a nightmare scenario where, say ten years from now, the NIMBYs get their way and the nightlife is drained from the East Village/LES, to be replaced with designer clothing boutiques and

Don't forget Veselka!


Schiller's claims a closing time of 1 AM during the week, and 3 AM on Friday and Saturday nights.


Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya is open until 2 AM, and I bet they really are. There's some good and tasty non-sushi stuff on the menu.

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I don't know if I share Sutton's aesthetics or even his social sensibility, but I do appreciate the moments when he speaks candidly about the realities of dining in New York ['The Bad Deal'/'The Price Hike' perhaps exemplified this].


One of the ignominies of life in New York, the city that falsely claims it never sleeps, is that while good restaurants are almost ubiquitously open at the ungodly hour of 5:30 p.m., not too long after lunch is digested, the bulk are closed before 11 p.m. on a weeknight, just in time to miss office workers pulling late shifts or cooks pulling normal shifts.


That said, this list still features too many establishments that barely qualify [closing at 11.30 pm = late night?], though I genuinely appreciated being reminded that Via Carota serves food until 1 am.


Should this discussion thread be merged with 'Late Night Dining'?

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I totally agree with you that the problem with these lists Sutton periodically does is that he counts restaurants closing far too early as "late night". I guess he'd say that the ignominious circumstances of NYC dining force him to.

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I foolishly let myself get excited about 'Is 4 AM the New 8 PM?' The answer is no. But you'll be glad to know you can get hot dogs after midnight in both the Village and Williamsburg.

This made me wonder if the surviving 'Papayas' still serve late night, and the Eater late-night map informed me Papaya Dog in Sixth Ave is 24h. Very few of the establishments on the map are 'restaurants' as the Mouthfuls set would define the term.



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