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As someone recently pointed out, I am very much a "glass half empty" kind of guy.   That being said, occasionally there is a beam of joy in the misery that is my life.   Today,it was coming home a

It is a perfect day in Paris too. Had a lovely walk around the 9th this morning, and will soon be going to meet a friend for lunch, it will be nice to eat outside.

Because of some holiday, the subway is very empty today.

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I heard about this calendar but didn't bother really looking at the stories. I generally dislike calendars like this, as they are usually icky (that's what I think of male strip shows like Chippendales, too). But...




Reminded me of those photos of French firefighters Blondie posted ages ago. Definitely made me smile!

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He was 1 month premature, so he was MUCH tinier when he was born.


So he's 3 months chronological, 2 months developmental?


He's still a cutie, whatever age you go by! And that expression--he's going to be a charmer. Auntie Steph had better watch out, because she's going to be wrapped around his little finger!

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Martin Shkreli Arrested on Fraud Charges


Martin Shkreli, a flamboyant pharmaceutical entrepreneur and former hedge fund manager who has come under fire on allegations of drug price gouging, was arrested Thursday morning by the federal authorities.

The investigation, in which Mr. Shkreli has been charged with securities fraud, is related to his time as a hedge fund manager and running the biopharmaceutical company Retrophin — not the price-gouging controversy that has swirled around him in recent months.

But his penchant for notoriety — which has played out through his Twitter taunts of everyone from critics to presidential candidates like Senator Bernie Sanders and his exhaustively raw live streaming — was noticeable even at the news conference held by federal prosecutors and officials with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday. Asked if agents had seized the rare Wu-Tang Clan album that Mr. Shkreli reportedly bought for $2 million, United States Attorney Robert L. Capers was coy.

“I wondered how long it was going to take to get to that,” he said. “We’re not aware of where he got the funds that he raised to buy the Wu-Tang Clan album.”

Wearing a gray sweatshirt with the hood partially concealing his head, Mr. Shkreli, 32, the chief executive of Turing Pharmaceuticals, was escorted by federal agents outside the courthouse after his arrest earlier in the day at his Midtown Manhattan apartment.

Federal officials painted Mr. Shkreli’s business dealings as “a securities fraud trifecta of lies, deceit and greed.”

He committed “fraud in nearly every aspect of hedge-fund investments and in connection with his stewardship of a public company,” said the director of enforcement at the Securities and Exchange Commission, Andrew J. Ceresney, at the news conference. He “should be barred from working in the securities industry, or from being the director or officer of a public company,” Mr. Ceresney said.

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