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11 hours ago, small h said:

Kitchen gifts from the Hanukkah fairy.


The idea being that if you get drunk enough, you'll make a lot of pasta?

I really would make pasta at home more, but I just have some problems with the logistics and using both arms properly; my right arm has never been the same since shoulder surgery followed by having a few discs removed in my neck, and replaced with some very interesting contraptions.

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As someone recently pointed out, I am very much a "glass half empty" kind of guy.   That being said, occasionally there is a beam of joy in the misery that is my life.   Today,it was coming home a

It is a perfect day in Paris too. Had a lovely walk around the 9th this morning, and will soon be going to meet a friend for lunch, it will be nice to eat outside.

Because of some holiday, the subway is very empty today.

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On 12/30/2020 at 4:35 PM, Sneakeater said:

You can see the days getting longer.

Candle lighting for Shabbat will be at 4:21 this Friday after it being at 4:10 the first weeks of December.

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