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As someone recently pointed out, I am very much a "glass half empty" kind of guy.   That being said, occasionally there is a beam of joy in the misery that is my life.   Today,it was coming home a

It is a perfect day in Paris too. Had a lovely walk around the 9th this morning, and will soon be going to meet a friend for lunch, it will be nice to eat outside.

It takes 5:00 to hang a picture, yet somehow I could not find the time for this one until now. It used to hang in my grandparents' house in the Bronx, and it's why I chose the color of this

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In this order today:


Blue Hill at Stone Barns this coming Saturday


My Dad called me today. He's having a great time on a trip, including in sampling soup dumplings at sidewalk stalls in Shanghai. He's got a private tour at the Shanghai museum's archives lined up. The museum is not bad, when I visited a few years ago. He seems happy; that makes me happy. :lol: I asked him whether he lugged some wine to Shanghai; he said it would have been a good idea, in hindsight. He has been drinking beer, which seems to be common in the area, and terrible wine. I happen to believe pairing beer with most things is a mistake. I ask Dad to write down the names of all the places he is visiting, for I plan to return to Shanghai again at some point.


A letter from a friend, whom I had invited to share my El Bulli reservation of September 2004.


PARIS ROUBAIX -- I'm interested in viewing Western European professional road racing, and today heralds an important race. Museew, a three-time former champion, is to retire this year -- he's a major Belgian cylist. I'm rooting for G Hincapie -- as he has been in good form and has finished fourth twice! (I also happen to root in general for USPS, although I was very sad to see R Heras leave for Liberty-Seguros). Cobblestones!


I've been compiling reviews from the H-B website, R Parker's Bordeaux and Wine Buying Guide, Clive Coates, and Asa Briggs' book on that wine, on Haut-Brions I'm going to sample ^_^ I can't wait. :lol:


I got my Riedel carrying case for glasses in the mail today. This was free from Amazon with the purchase of 6 Vinum Bordeaux glasses, which, although not as fragile-seeming as the Sommelier, are nice. I also got some Latour Haut-Brion wines I ordered today. It will be the first time I have sampled this HB affiliate (not affiliated with Latour). The case should be a graphite grey, but the version I received was black. Imperfect, but not a problem. This carries 4 glasses, potentially, although I'm not sure my Sommelier Burgundy glasses fit readily.


I recently secured an old Guy Savoy cookbook, in English. It's called Vegetable Magic and is dated 1986. It's a paperback, and has some interesting veggie presentations.

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A moderator writes: oops, I accidentally wrote over g.j's message, and it was so jolly too. I shouldn't be allowed near these controls.


Apologies. Feel free to repeat.

Wasn't that jolly. Just puffing my pedagogical wit.

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Broadband and wireless


It's a whole new world out there


You really don't want to know where I am sitting as I type this



Don't care as long as you don't get broadband, wireless and webcam.

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Pottery. I was brought up on good pottery - a passion of my father's. My parents even met through a mutual potter/musician friend. My father has tons of great stuff gathering dust in his house, but somehow I never think about it.


Today, on one of my usual, rather painful visits, he suddenly made me retrieve a large plastic container from the pantry that turned out to contain a treasure trove of tiny pottery items. And told me to take them if I so wished. By golly did I wish!


So, with a little Internet research and peering at the marks, I identified two little David Leach pot-bellied vases - or perhaps you could call them 'bottles' very similar to this and this. One of these vases was used for burning incense on the livingroom mantel over the wood fire ever since I can remember.


Then some gorgeous Harry Davis stuff from Crowan Pottery. My father has been eating off his plates for nigh on 45 years and I concur with his assessment that this was one of the greatest potters ever - nobody combined his technical skill and practicality. Yet not very known at all, partly because he decamped to NZ mid-career. This provides an idea of his style in part, although it is not all so decorative. My acquisition includes 6 tiny cups like egg cups, but perhaps smaller, and 6 tiny flattish dishes. A friend of my father's who worked with Harry, probably in the '50s, thought they might be saccharine dishes :o - in post war Britain sugar was scarce.


Finally, 6 relatively less interesting, egg-cup-like pieces, cylindrical with a simply decorated dark glaze. The mark looks like an 'f' and makes me wonder if they are the early work of a British potter called Ray Finch. The test of good pottery is in the handling, and these feel inferior - a bit weighty and clumsy for their size.


OK, this all probably bored the pants off you. Sorry.



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Forgot: I got so carried away researching Crowan Pottery on Google that I found a jug for sale on e-bay. I'd only ever used e-bay once before, for work purposes when I purchased a work-related print a few weeks ago. So this evening I was registering and placing a bid for the jug that is going ridiculously cheap so far :unsure:


I think I'm going to become a Crowan Pottery collector. So B'dog - keep an eye out at any carboot sales in your neck of the woods, please!



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