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As someone recently pointed out, I am very much a "glass half empty" kind of guy.   That being said, occasionally there is a beam of joy in the misery that is my life.   Today,it was coming home a

It is a perfect day in Paris too. Had a lovely walk around the 9th this morning, and will soon be going to meet a friend for lunch, it will be nice to eat outside.

Because of some holiday, the subway is very empty today.

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My sister (the one formerly married to Scumbag) has an ex-boyfriend named Herve. My dad always called him Oy Vey.




After four years of construction and renovation at the library, we are finally at the fun part. The new sculpture for the entrance was delivered and installed yesterday, and unlike a lot of the "improvements", I really love this to death.






The artist is Bart Walter, from DC area. He got my cat, Baby Doc, to right down to a hair.



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Just received an invitation to the wedding of my cousin and his partner (in CA). They have been together for 25 years, are in their 70s and 50s respectively, and are now getting married! It's so sweet!


My cousin's partner is calling the CA supreme court decision the "caterer's full employment act."

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