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And drink? Thoughts, anyone? I've got the bbq covered, but beyond that...

How about beer? http://www.scholzgarten.com/menus-and-specials.html

So people will have to buy his cookbook and do it for themselves.

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I may be on Austin for a night this summer when it'll be hot hot hot. My plan was barbeque and more barbeque, and then I remembered Qui. But I'm not sure my mother would approve plus it isn't Qui anymore anyway. (http://www.eater.com/2017/4/17/15327924/paul-qui-kuneho-austin-reviews-assault)


Any other suggestions? Bufalina is a possibility. I'd still consider Kuneho of it's good. But surely there must be more?


And if I'm not up to waiting on line at Franklin's, it sounds like Iron Works will do me just fine? I'm trying to work my way down via Kansas City, so I feel a barbeque comparison is in order.

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