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And drink? Thoughts, anyone? I've got the bbq covered, but beyond that...

How about beer? http://www.scholzgarten.com/menus-and-specials.html

So people will have to buy his cookbook and do it for themselves.

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OH, no!!



As if Texans weren’t dealing with enough already, with Hurricane Harvey dumping profane amounts of rain on their heads, residents woke up Saturday to learn that one of the Lone Star State’s iconic smokehouses had closed indefinitely after an early morning fire.
Franklin Barbecue, famous for its long lines and succulent wood-smoked brisket, went up in flames early Saturday morning in an accidental fire. Aaron Franklin, the co-founder and James Beard Award-winning chef behind the restaurant, blamed the blaze on heavy winds generated by Harvey.



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The lone bit of good news: No one was injured in the blaze, even though a late-night cook was smoking ribs when the fire broke out. The cook is a “little shaken up, but he’s good,” Franklin said





“If there was a part to the building that’s easiest to rebuilt, that was the one,” Franklin said of the smokehouse. “It’s not the end of the world.” “It doesn’t do us any good to be bummed out about it,” he added, laughing at his own bad fortune. “We got to keep working on it.”



Sounds like a really good guy to know. They're hoping to rebuild within a month, depending on what happens with Harvey.

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