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An old school chum who currently lives in Austin, offers this:   South Congress scene:  Vespaio, Italian;  Perla’s, fish.  On First Street:  Polvo’s, Mexican.   On N Lamar: Shoal Creek Saloon, Cajun. 

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And drink? Thoughts, anyone? I've got the bbq covered, but beyond that...

How about beer? http://www.scholzgarten.com/menus-and-specials.html

So people will have to buy his cookbook and do it for themselves.

On the cue front, I am told: "BBQ places.  Outside eating, La Barbeque, Micklewait’s meats (both trailer setups) , Franklin’s BBQ is a crazy line to get food.  Inside eating Lamberts downtown.  Then there’s Black’s, Rudy’s, Poke-Jo’s, you know BBQ is everywhere here."

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Midnight Cowboy good, not quite as good as last time. It has drifted towards the signature cocktails with many unexpected herbs and spices (see Mace in New York).


Roosevelt Room: didn’t drink there (I have before), but I did a small cocktail class with one of their bartenders, who was just disturbingly well-informed about contemporary and historic cocktails and spirits. Encyclopedic.

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