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Coffee bean grinders

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Does anyone have a recommendation for a good burr coffee grinder, one that doesn't spit grounds all over the counter, that is easy to retrieve grounds from? I'm still using a several decade old Krup

Thirding. It's what I use at the office for pourovers.   I'll tell you what I absolutely love though- my zojirushi water boiler.

It teaches you what it must have felt like to be an employee at early Ssam Bar.

Because I know you all care, here are my initial impressions of the Sette 270W in operation:


1. Set-up is surprisingly easy.


2. Except for one thing: since I'm not making espresso but rather mechanical drip coffee, I'm not using a portafilter from an espresso machine to catch the grounds. Rather, I'm using the grounds bin supplied by Baratza. It isn't clear to me how the hook that's supposed to steady the grounds receptacle during grinding fits into the supplied grounds bin. This is important for weight grinding because if the bin isn't held tight, it wiggles around and affects the weighing of the grounds. I overdosed by .8. (I expect to get this cleared up through communications with Baratza's excellent customer service staff.)


3. That aside, weight grinding is the greatest! So easy!


4. As for the reported problems with coarse grinding, I'm not finding the coffee too muddy or anything. Maybe that's because, even though I'm using a light roast, I'm still grinding for a mechanical drip rather than a press. So I'm aiming for upper-medium coarse rather than absolute coarse. The coffee is delicious, actually.

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Customer service confirmed what I had figured out, overnight, myself: the hook isn't supposed to interact with the supplied grounds bin at all. It's only to steady portafilters. For the grounds bin, it just floats above it.


Dosing, while not 100% accurate, is much much closer now.

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