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Coffee bean grinders

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Does anyone have a recommendation for a good burr coffee grinder, one that doesn't spit grounds all over the counter, that is easy to retrieve grounds from? I'm still using a several decade old Krup

Thirding. It's what I use at the office for pourovers.   I'll tell you what I absolutely love though- my zojirushi water boiler.

It teaches you what it must have felt like to be an employee at early Ssam Bar.

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Bodum French press. Beans ground a la minute ie just prior to brewing


Beans were roasted 4 days ago


Any issues / concerns / taste differences ? What would one expect vis-a-vis beans roasted 7-10 days prior ? 


Discuss ...



@Joe - I will add now, re that article that you posted a while ago ... but I'm too lazy to find it and to get into details .... that I interpreted what it said (ie the data provided in the article) almost exactly the OPPOSITE from how you interpreted it ... that is, the article justified and confirmed my concerns ...

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I don't French press usually, so can't comment.


I think 4 days vs 7 - 10 days could also be dependent on storage situation, but I'm assuming here that that isn't the case.


I'll reread the article and perhaps my understanding will change, now that I'm on my second cup.

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4 vs 7-10 dependent on storage ?


Joe, maybe dependent upon whether those beans were accelerating / decelerating near the speed light +/- but there ain't going to be much of a storage difference


And you'll almost assuredly re-read that article and come to the same understanding that you originally had ... unless you deeply think thru my reality and my situation ... which is that I'm going to be drinking those same declining beans on a daily basis over the course of 10 days and about 5-ish days in, I'm going to be noticing a daily comparative decline vis-a-vis the prior day ... and that is not pleasant ... and what goes thru your mind each morning is "gee, this is worse than the day before" and it doesn't have to be that way ... you need to read the author's words carefully

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