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White money, that was my nickname in high school

Glad to. Early on at her Bronx restaurant, Lina made some ridiculously good flautas filled with light, airy potatoes. Hoping those make a comeback.

They said that their menu would be expanding. However, they had more than enough already. Even the chips are homemade and much tastier than any others. Same with the tortillas. The Cecina in my ta

It seems Chef Torres is getting around. Although she’s not in the kitchen, it’s her food that’s being served with the cocktails at Leyenda on Smith St. as well. That’s the place that Julie Raynor opened with a partner across the street from Clover Club.

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I did.  Phil wasn't there, but his drinks were -- and they were FINE.


The food is more restauranty, less homey and soulful, than under Chavez -- although delicious, don't get me wrong.  Just not extraordinary.


You know, when people on Chowhound call food "soulful", I always think they're being overly romantic as well as patronizing.  So shoot me.


COMP DISCLOSURE:  They couldn't have possibly charged me for all the mezcal I drank.  (I remember the old days, when they used to sneak you mezcal under the table if they knew you liked it.  It's nice they're now fully licensed.)

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