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Simon eats fish and chips

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When I read the post (prior to reading the article), my first thought was, "I would have guessed from the Portuguese, just like in Japan."


Then I read the article, and fish and chips was brought to England by Portuguese Jews.


Portuguese must really love their fried food. (who knew?)

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The Jewish origin is plausible, given the enthusiasm for the food in neighborhoods like Whitechapel in the nineteenth century which is well attested.


But if the origin lies with Jews expelled from Portugal in the 15th century, there should be earlier references than that. I haven’t seen them, but honestly haven’t looked. (And haven’t listened to the podcast.)

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Right, I can believe there were Jews from Portugal who ate fried fish on Fridays (and escabeche fish on Saturday because no cooking and no fridge, and hopefully other things on other days) but to then link that to a completely different group hundreds of year later (Ashkenazi Jews likely with experience running simple food shops in the shtetl) seems like a stretch. Of course all you need to do is get Wiki to quote you so that you can then quote wiki and then it's true. 

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