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This is a little Mexican restaurant on Norfolk St, just above Delancey. Not as little as Raclette, but pretty damn tiny. And on a Friday night, packed to the gills. I was dining by myself and had no reservation, so I hoped I could grab a seat at the bar. No such luck. I waited around for maybe 45 minutes until something opened up. They brought me a glass of prosecco while I was waiting. Very kind of them. While I was waiting people kept coming in, sometimes in large groups, virtually all of them turned away. Eventually I was given a real table.


The food here is fine, but certainly not worth enduring two hour+ waits or a long subway ride. A bowl of guac with pomegranate seeds and pepitas was decent enough. The "fish taco" appetizer was actually two fish tacos - nice sized pieces of fish, battered and fried, with an orange creamy sauce on top. Maybe as good as you'd get at a place like Dorado Tacos. The main was a braised short rib - a pretty large rib with a chile sauce. This was a bit of a letdown for me. It just wasn't particularly flavorful or spicy. The dessert, a tres leches cake, was actually quite good - very light, with a sort of sweet meringue on top. Worth ordering.


Neighborhood place.

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