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By ANDREW FERREN FEB. 11, 2016...



America’s youngest city offers a potpourri pot of cuisines, quirky shops and art with both global and local reach.






People only seem to mention going to Houston for work or study. And while “summering in Houston” is unlikely to become a thing, there has to be more to the city than office towers and libraries since so many of those who do go decide to stay. After more than a decade of frenetic growth, Texas’s biggest city is now America’s fourth largest, and according to several studies, its youngest (more millennials than boomers) and its most ethnically and culturally diverse. So it’s not surprising that Houston offers an amazing gastronomic mix — from taco stands, chicken and waffle joints and all manner of barbecue to Greek, Persian and Vietnamese cuisine — most with an attitude-free vibe. Enriched by the two great American traditions of immigration and philanthropy, the city’s ever-growing museums strike a balance between an expansive global outlook and strong local support. And the bayou in the heart of the city when it was founded in 1836 has been revived as a verdant park. With summer’s heat and humidity at bay, and with a prolonged drop in oil prices meaning less work and more play for some Houstonians, now is the time to go.


Quick jaunt in Houston

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