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Bag, Bath & Beyond: Pernicious Effects of Sous-Vide "Cooking" 1.

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i don't think people should talk about religion, politics, or sous vide.

I've yet to understand why, if a restaurant uses this cooking technique, it's so fucking important to you.   Nor why a restaurant needs to disclose, on its menu, the cooking technique used for each

Robert, I frankly don't understand your dogged need for such understanding before committing to a meal during which you could judge for yourself whether this guy cooks to your palate or not. Does it

Would the family that started it use sous vide? For that matter, would they have included gluten-free plates (I assume that's what that symbol that looks like wheat is about)? I think I always used to get schnitzel whenever I ate there. And their own beer. But I've only been once since they sold it years ago.

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My understanding is the family still owns it. Carlyn Berghoff is the granddaughter of the original owner and I believe she is still running it. Yes, the wheat symbol means gluten free. The other symbol means the dish is in their cookbook. I had a couple of glasses of their pale ale with it.


ETA They did close down in 2007 and the family reopened it a few months later. It was a bit weird, like they woke up from a hangover and said, we did what?

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On Wednesday, take one shank out of freezer.

Make sure vacuum packaging is not broken.

Throw in bath.

On Saturday, ladle spatzle from steamer on plate.

Snip bag using excellent german made scissors, let "natural jus" flow onto spatzle first, then slide shank out.

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