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Tim Cook's Customer Letter

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My China worry is different.


It's one thing to say that Apple has to cooperate with governmental intrusion according to due-process and search-and-seizure protections.


But I'm not sure that Apple can pick and choose between governments it cooperates with, as long as it's in the market. So it would have to cooperate with governments that don't give citizens the protections that ours at least purports to. (Now it's time for Orik to tell me I'm naive.)

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is the issue here techology? I assume that any information on an iPhone would be obtainable by warrant if it were in hard copy. And isn't Apply at the forefront of destroying consumer's privacy by c

The iPhone – choice of discerning terrorists around the world.

They're just trying to get some sales from the terrorist contingent by highlighting the advantages of newer models.

The iPhone is many things but it doesn't have any special access to the Internet that makes it more powerful (in terms of the Internet) than any other smart phone. I can't see how giving the government court sanctioned access, on a case by case basis, to smartphones damages our natural security.


Orik is a very smart guy and he seems to think so but he hasn't fully explained it. I hope he will. I'm open to changing my mind.


Here's a thought. All the iPhones are made in China. I wonder if the manufacturers built in a way to decode them. It's not like there isn't a precedent for this. The U.S. sold an airliner to the Chinese president that contained 20 listening devices.

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That's not the issue. The issue is whether some third party can provide a device for writing down things in a way that can only be read by the author and the intended recipient, without providing law enforcement a key when legal requirements are met.


(I'm still not sure where I come down on this. I worry a lot about China.)

Me, too. It's not necessarily my privacy I worry about but about the security of larger entities.



The govt is asking Apple to create a program that would allow Apple to unlock someone's phone. That's it. They're not asking Apple to create a program that would allow the government to access through the Internet every iPhone in existence. (Of course, the government already got all of the defendant's on-line activity records that were still saved on iCloud -- no one seems to care about that.) They're not asking Apple to create a program that would allow the government to break through corporate firewalls or other internet security protocols.

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The govt is asking Apple to create a program that would allow Apple to unlock someone's phone. That's it.

I never believe "Just this once. That's it."


It is a fishing expedition with no reason to think they will find more contacts than they have. And if they do, these people will by now be so far underground as to be untraceable. It sets the precedent that the government can demand new programming to unlock any phone for any fishing expedition. Or the precedent that the government can force a company to create coding for any future purpose.

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It would have to be a purpose that is acceptable under the Constitution -- which this purpose clearly is. There is no question that if the suspect had all of his deepest, most personal and embarassing thoughts written down in a diary next to his bed, the government could get a warrant and take it. The government can already tap his phone, subpoena email records subpoena iCloud records, subpoena geolocation records, etc. If the government had his laptop, they can use their own people to break the password or decrypt any data on it.

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If the government wants the information because it believes it'll help prevent terrorist attacks, then it is certainly within its patriot act-derived rights to recruit apple insiders to implant the required code, deliver it to the phone, remove all evidence, and kill the insiders :)



As I was saying...

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