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I don't know about that Orik.  I mean fufu garlic balls & noodles w/sauce d'arachide (meat and peanuts in sauce) seem to be pretty Americanized adaptations of W.African cooking to me.


ETA: in case anyone might go looking for these dishes, I (think) that I made them up

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The way I see it, once you say that NO food in New York is as good as French food in Paris, the problem then isn't that French food in New York isn't as good as French food in Paris (that's only to be

Further on down the road, before attending a show last night, we stopped here for a glass or two and a bite or two.  Now I do remember the last meal we ate here, absolutely hating my pasta (it was aft

I love old Leslie Gore singles. I listen to them all the time. But I would never claim they’re objectively good the way Bach is good or Prince is good or Ornette Coleman is good.

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